Why you need to invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin continues to allure people and more and more people are readily investing in it as it is a kind of money which is entirely virtual. This is habitually described as cryptocurrency. Presently, 18,590,300 bitcoins are circulated regularly and there is a supply of 21,000,000 bitcoins. The fact that is unknown to many people is bitcoin possesses a fixed supply and it gets hard-coded into the protocol of bitcoin. This ensures that the value of this digital money will increase over time. You can use bitcoin for buying merchandise anonymously.

Though all the transactions of bitcoins get recorded in public logs, names of sellers and buyers remain strictly confidential as people come to know their wallet IDs only. If you follow bitcoin news properly then you will come to know that no bank or government controls bitcoin. Nonetheless, it also means that bitcoin isn’t protected or insured like money. If your interest lies in bitcoins then you can purchase them using your real money. Again, you can also sell things with bitcoins and allow other people to pay with them. At times, people form bitcoins on their computers via a process known as mining.

Some features of bitcoin

  • Irreversible –After a confirmation is made, you can’t reverse the transaction in bitcoin. And so, if you have sent money, you have sent it. Here, no one would be able to help you.
  • Pseudonymous – Neither the accounts nor the transactions of bitcoins are related to real-world identities. Though it is possible for people to analyze the flow of transactions, they fail to link the users’ real-world identity with their addresses.
  • Global and fast – In bitcoins, the transaction gets propagated very fast. As the transactions happen in an international network of computer, they remain completely indifferent to people’s physical location.
  • Secure – The funds of bitcoin remain locked in a cryptography system and so, only the owner becomes capable of sending the cryptocurrency. Due to the magic of large numbers and cryptographic technology, people fail to break this scheme. The remarkable thing is the address of bitcoin is more secure in comparison to Fort Knox.
  • Permissionless – To use bitcoins, you need not ask anybody. This is only software that every person can download easily. After installing the software, you can begin to send and receive bitcoins.

Some market-proven tips for investing in bitcoin

  • Understand the market cap of every coin well – For investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you must have a good understanding of the market capitalization.
  • Have a good understanding of the coins’ use case where you are investing – As novice cryptocurrencies continue to come up now and then, you must study the coins’ use case well.
  • Diversification of portfolio – You must put your money all across several coins. Numerous crypto investors do follow a strategy of 6:3:1 and it means they invest 60% of their hard-earned money in bitcoin, 30% in Ether, and 10% in various other coins. This way, they can recover from their losses (if any) easily.

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